Most workplace wellness programs just waste time and money by measuring participation instead of actual clinical results. That's like counting the people who started a marathon without bothering to check if anyone made it to the finish line.

The acap difference:
we actually work.

Your people are your most important business asset. When you upgrade their health you also upgrade the health of your business. But like any business initiative, your workplace wellness program has to be measurable to be worth more than the memo it's printed on.

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“When it comes to solving America's healthcare crisis, employers are the answer.”

– Wally Gomaa, CEO


Our team built their reputations in very different ways. From leading major insurance companies and large physician groups to pioneering healthcare advances and customer experience innovations, this powerful combination is our secret sauce. The marriage of their ideas, knowledge and experiences creates the kind of change no individual stakeholder can do alone.

Den Bishop
Den Bishop

Chairman of the Board

Wally Gomaa
Wally Gomaa

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Bierman
Brad Bierman

Chief Information Officer
Chief Operations Officer

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